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In 2017, Salomé Ludaescher Ricomard designed her own engagement ring. Passionate about jewelry in general and beautiful stones in particular since forever, she challenged herself to imagine a different - some would say cheeky - ring. A revisited Art Deco shape and a daring mix of precious stones (diamonds, emeralds, etc...) and hard stones (like turquoise) sealed her fate.

Having worked for 8 years in the most prestigious jewelry houses of Place Vendôme in Paris, she was able to perfectly define what her eponymous brand would be: her jewelry will be luminous, joyful, intrepid. It would be Salomé Rico!  

A true reflection of the soul, jewels are for Salomé like a “visible perfume”. As carriers of history and emotions, they reveal a bias, a desire, and are able to enhance the silhouette. Jewelry is the only accessory that never fades, a token of authenticity and identity.

As the expression of the designer’s passions and desires, Salomé Rico jewels are meant to break the rules. Rings, necklaces, and since recently, bracelets are precious, colorful, and can be worn on their own or together. The stones and materials come from the most high-end sources, classic shapes are jostled, colors are dazzling.


Her dream is to offer a jewel that will mark a life, while also being a piece that can be worn every day with a simple t-shirt - one that symbolizes an identity, that never leaves you, that you might feel naked without. It’s a jewel that shines in the sun and evolves as time and life go on.


« A beautiful piece of jewelry is not only durable, but it is also a piece of eternity »


With an imagination fueled by ostentatious rings, Salomé Rico wants to invent a new vocabulary for jewelry. Giving a modern twist to classic references and pairing unusual stones together is a part of her creative vision.

While originality and boldness are part of the brand’s DNA, Salomé Rico has placed the quality for material and manufacturing at the forefront. The diamonds that she uses respect the Kimberley Process and are certified by the most prestigious GIA or HRD laboratories. All parts are made from recycled 18k gold.

Every piece of jewelry is made in a Parisian workshop, member of the Responsible Jewelry Council. They are handmade by artisans and made to order only. The brand is proud to offer a sustainable jewelry alternative thanks to the quality of its materials, benefiting from demanding manufacturing processes with luxurious jewelry finishes.


As a little girl, Salomé was more interested in playing with jewels than with dolls. She would rummage through family treasures and adorn herself with her grandmothers’ rings whenever possible. Her love of colors and things that shine was always there, as was her strong sense of femininity.

Originally from the East of France, she chose to pursue business-oriented studies but never lost sight of what was really close to her heart - jewelry. She then decided to enter the world of the most prominent houses of Place Vendôme. For 8 years, she would imagine, draw, and forge an identity, serving the creativity of renowned brands.

The stars all seemed to align when she decided to take on the design of her own engagement ring. Her ring was different, shaking up the lines of jewelry with its revisited Art Deco shape and its daring mix of stones. Her passion for jewelry became more than ever a personal project. She took advantage of her maternity leave to develop her eponymous brand, Salomé Rico.

Passionate about precious stones and the unexpected mix and match bordering on provocation, Salomé now uses her unique sense of colors and her love for revisited Art Deco and vintage in the heart of her creations.

Crédits photo: Mylène Comte et Inside Closet

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