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Gelato per favore !

Reminding of a scoop of ice cream, the Gelato ring is a sparkling and joyful tribute to Art Deco thanks to the "melon cut" stones and gadroons - the rounded streaks shaping the ring and the stones.

Whatever finger it is worn on, this ring certainly stands out! It’s a delicious treat that suggests, through its volume and its combination of colors, a new idea of ​​sensuality. It is the signature jewel of the house of Salomé Rico.

Double Gelato

Salomé Rico reinterprets its iconic Gelato in the form of an infinitely precious "You & Me" ring. The two cut melons intertwine with each other and stand out with a remarkable gradient of diamonds. Like an invaluable treasure, this double Gelato is a unique, ultra-feminine, and timeless piece.

Double Gelato changer la photo par celleci.jpg

A real lucky charm

Imagined as a lucky charm, Polpo is an 18-carat gold pompom pendant.

It can be worn on a fine neck chain, a colored silk cord, added to a hoop earring, or a simple bracelet. 

It is the ultimate versatile jewel, the one that adapts to all situations. It can be a stand-alone piece or paired with other items. It moves with the cleavage, as you walk or dance.

Precious but easy to wear, colorful but discreet, it shines, but it can also keep a low profile.

This is an essential piece that you will love.


Inspired by Queen Nefertiti, Salomé Rico envisions the Oudjat Uma ring and transforms this cult eye into a precious talisman against the evil eye.

This creation, dressed in 18-carat yellow gold, imposes its sculptural and voluminous lines in a Tank-style. Radiant and elegant when adorned with a shimmering Akoya pearl or powerful and assertive in Lapis Lazuli version. The Uma ring instills a style, a character, and thus becomes a true icon of the Salomé Rico House.

Bague Uma_edited.jpg
salome1 animaux web_edited.jpg

Like a nod to the love that jewelry has always had for the animal world, the Odyssée ring playfully revisits the symbolism of the animal kingdom, which the design holds dear.

If the bear cub is an ergonomic companion which never fails to impress, it is also a tribute to her son named Orso (“ours” means bear in French).

The elephant refers to Salomé's dreamy aspirations as a symbol of elsewhere and an emblem of serenity.

New animals and other endearing allegories will come to complete the Odyssée range, all designed and sculpted by hand before being cast in metal.


The exquisite dome

A jeweler's homage to the grandiose domes that adorn some iconic Italian cities, Duomo is an 18-carat gold ring.


Architectural in every detail, the Duomo ring features a rounded ring body, two sugar loaves on either side of the dome and a chiseled gold surface.


This candy-like jewel reflects the light like a bright sun. Endowed with randomly positioned stones - pink sapphires, green tsavorites or white diamonds - this majestic and indulgent ring can be worn on all fingers. 


The majestic turtle

Like a dive into the warm Mediterranean sea, the Donatello necklace honours nature and the slower pace of summer. Worn as a choker, this necklace showcasing a turtle continues Salomé Rico’s homage to the animal kingdom.


Symbol of wisdom and crystal-clear waters, the turtle is reimagined in a precious version, with 5 star-set diamonds and two tsavorites representing the eyes.

Held on by a lace chain as light as the caress of the sun, Donatello is an exquisite holiday jewel that can be worn alongside the luminous Polpo for an ultra sunny neckline.


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