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Salomé Rico is a parisian jewelry Maison, launched by Salomé Ludaescher Ricomard in 2020.

The permanent collections make up the DNA of Salomé Rico. Worn on their own as a talisman, or mixed with other pieces, all her jewels have their own identity but can also live with each other.


Her creative strength lies in her tailor-made jewelry, like her engagement ring, which is regularly ordered by clients but that she always customizes with different stones. She recreates something similar, but yet, truly unique.



« A beautiful piece of jewelry is not only durable, but it is also a piece of eternity »


With an imagination fueled by ostentatious rings, Salomé Rico wants to invent a new vocabulary for jewelry. Giving a modern twist to classic references and pairing unusual stones together is a part of her creative vision.

While originality and boldness are part of the brand’s DNA, Salomé Rico has placed the quality for material and manufacturing at the forefront. The diamonds that she uses respect the Kimberley Process and are certified by the most prestigious GIA or HRD laboratories. All parts are made from recycled 18k gold.

Every piece of jewelry is made in a Parisian workshop, member of the Responsible Jewelry Council. They are handmade by artisans and made to order only. The brand is proud to offer a sustainable jewelry alternative thanks to the quality of its materials, benefiting from demanding manufacturing processes with luxurious jewelry finishes.


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