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Like a dive into the warm Mediterranean sea, the Donatello necklace honours nature and the slower pace of summer. Worn as a choker, this necklace showcasing a turtle continues Salomé Rico’s homage to the animal kingdom. Symbol of wisdom and crystal-clear waters, the turtle is reimagined in a precious version, with 5 star-set diamonds and two tsavorites representing the eyes. Held on by a lace chain as light as the caress of the sun, Donatello is an exquisite holiday jewel that can be worn alongside the luminous Polpo for an ultra sunny neckline.

Donatello necklace, yellow gold, diamonds, tsavorites

  • - 10 grammes d’or jaune recyclé 18 carats

    - 5 diamants serti étoilé et 2 tsavorites

    - Carapace brossée et sillons polis

    Fabriqué à la main dans notre atelier parisien.