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Inspired by Queen Nefertiti, Salomé Rico conceives the Oudjat Uma ring, transforming this iconic eye into a precious talisman against the evil eye. A symbol of purity and joy heralding the arrival of her daughter Uma, this creation adorned with 18-carat yellow gold imposes its sculptural and voluminous lines in a Tank-like manner. Radiant and elegant when adorned with a shimmering Akoya pearl or powerful and assertive in Lapis Lazuli version.

The protective eye is outlined by the black lacquer contour, emphasizing the message of this ring. The Uma ring infuses a style, a character, and thus becomes a true icon of the Salomé Rico House.

Oudjat Uma ring, 18-carat yellow gold and Akoya pearl


- 12 grams of recycled 18-carat yellow gold

-  3 carat Akoya pearl

Handmade in our Parisian workshop.

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