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Imagined as a lucky charm, Polpo is an 18-carat gold pompom pendant. It can be worn on a fine neck chain, a colored silk cord, added to a hoop earring, or a simple bracelet.
It is the ultimate versatile jewel, the one that adapts to all situations. It can be a stand-alone piece or paired with other items. It moves with the cleavage, as you walk or dance. Precious but easy to wear, colorful but discreet, it shines, but it can also keep a low profile. This is an essential piece that you will love.

Polpo pendant, yellow gold, malachites beads and pink sapphires


- 18k yellow recycled gold - 4,5g
- 3 cm length
- 9 malachite beads
- 4 pink sapphires
Handmade in our parisian workshop
Chain sold separately

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